There is always a struggle in a family living on a low-income salary to maintain minimum standards of living. Affording the expenses of necessary items such as food, shelter, and water does not come easy.  With little income to live on, debts tend to increase and keeping one’s head above water can seem like a daunting task.

Many non-profit organizations and the US government offer financial assistance in an effort to help low-income families afford life’s necessities and work on building a better future for themselves and their family. Financial burden can be help alleviated by federal and non-federal debt relief grants and pull families out of their economic crisis.

Debt Relief Grants for Medical Bills
As much as health being a priority, the cost of healthcare and maintenance can lead to many individuals not just low-income, feeling as though they are drowning in debt. You can be left monetarily crunched as an individual and a family in financial ruin when you pay for exorbitant hospital, medicine, and doctor and lab test bills. There are thousands of grants disbursed to help needy families overcome their debts and meet their medical needs. The below provides a few places to start:

Debt Relief Grants for Utility and Energy Bills
Constantly rising utility and energy bills can be tough to pay off for families living on a tight budget. A huge chunk of one’s income can be claimed by utility bills and this can lead to increasing debts which can disrupt continued services. There are utility bill grants offered to alleviate the financial burden for families facing a shortage of funds:

Additional Debt Relief Options
There are government financial assistance available for individuals struggling with debt related to housing and day to day expenses.